Permashine Car Paintwork ProtectionThe problem is that manufacturers due to environmental concerns use modern water-based paints which do not stand up to the wear and tear of modern life in the same way that the traditional paints used to do.

Paints can be damaged by pollutants which are absorbed by the paint’s surface causing damage deep into the paintwork. Ultra Violet light and acid rain can also deteriorate the paintwork.

The solution is to have PERMASHINE paint sealant applied to your vehicle, the most advanced paint protection system available to the automotive industry.

PERMASHINE actually penetrates into the paint using modern polymer technology which bonds through the clear coat and topcoat of the painted surfaces.

Permashine Vehicle Paintwork TreatmentPERMASHINE then hardens to provide a long-term shield that is virtually impossible to remove, stops pollutants reaching the paint and protects against damage from ultra violet rays, acid rain and industrial fallout.

Permashine Car Paintwork Protection

Any car less than 8 years old, or with less than 100,000 miles, when treated with Permashine products by an authorised dealer will be covered by a Three Year Guarantee.

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