Permashine Car Protection


Do I have to polish my car?

No, with Permashine protection there is no need to polish your car to retain its shine.

Is there any special conserver or anything I have to use?

No, unlike other products on the market, Permashine only requires that the car is regularly washed with a branded shampoo or the Permashine Wash wax supplied.

Are Permashine products available to the general public?

Our Protection products are only available from our authorized dealers. However our after care products are available from our web site. Contact

I have had my new car Permashined by an AIfa Romeo dealership and wondered what after care treatment is required for the exterior of the car. I’ve received the after care kit, but it only contains wash & wax for the exterior. Can I apply wax or polish?

To maintain the guarantee all you need to do is wash the car on a regular basis preferably using the wash wax in the aftercare pack. You can apply polish but it is not necessary as the Permashine protection maintains the shine. Please be aware that every time you polish a car you increase the chance of scratching the finish.

I recently purchased a Citroen C4 which I had treated with Permashine and was also supplied with a Permashine pack. The product I find is great but now I need to buy some replacement materials mainly the alloy wheel protector and shampoo. Can you tell me where I can purchase them?

All our aftercare products are available here via our web site. Click on Shopping

Not an Enquiry as such, more a massive thankyou, just applied PermaShine Stage1 Paint Detox, Stage2 Glaze, Screen Protect and Coat and Fabric Protector to my Subaru Impreza 2.0R-Sport, and it looks Great, Took me 3 hours to apply, but every minute was worth it and the end result is amazing, As I am not trade and I know you dont sell to the public, is there any plans of making Permashine over the counter? If not why not as I believe you would have the market nailed. Again Many Thanks .... from Stephen

Permashine aftercare products are available here with on-line Shopping

My wife has just purchased a Mazda 3 car with Permashine from our dealer in Preston. Normally when I wash the car I use a jet wash. Is it ok to carry on using the jet wash?

Using a jet wash with warm or cold water would be fine, although we recommend that you do not use very hot water.

Can you give my some tips on cleaning my car using the Permshine products in my Permashine care pack?

Certainly - follow the recommendations below

Interior Cleaning Procedure

  • Start by removing all loose items from the interior and overmats from the foot wells.
  • Vacuum the interior carpets and seats
  • Clean all interior surfaces with a small amount of PERMASHINE Interior Cleaner or a dry lint-free cloth
  • Clean the windows with PERMASHINE Glass Cleaner using a lint-free cloth.
  • Wipe over the interior surfaces, dash-top, door tims with PERMASHINE Interior Sheen for a paper dry stain finish

Exterior Cleaning Procedure

  • Continue by applying the PERMASHINE Alloy Wheel Cleaner to the Vehicle wheels, work the cleaner into the worst affected area with a stiff brush.
  • Soak the bodywork with clean water from a hose to loosen any grit.
  • Continue to wash the car with PERMASHINE Wash and Wax.
  • Rinse off bodywork and rinse the wheels.
  • Dry off the bodywork with a chamois leather.
  • Polish all exterior windows and mirrors with PERMASHINE Glass Cleaner and dry using a lint free cloth


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