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Permashine Care Kit

Permashine After Car Kit includes Wash wax, Alloy wheel cleaner, Glass cleaner, Upholstery cleaner, Leather cleaner, Interior cleaner, sponge

PER01  Price: £49.99

Permashine Wash & Wax

Blended with specially formulated waxes and subfactants. Wash & Wax will easily remove grime and engrained dirt leaving the paintwork pristine and protected with a wax coat. Used monthly it will maintain the protection eliminating the need for regular polishing. 250ml.

PER02  Price: £11.95

Permashine Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Kind to the wheels but tough on dirt, the foaming applicator makes use easy to control. It has passed the stringent tests of Alcan Fabrication Europe, one of the world’s largest alloy manufacturers. 350ml.

PER03  Price: £11.95

Permashine Interior Sheen

An unbeatable cleaner for interior trims, dashboards etc. Not only does it clean brilliantly, but it will leave the interior with a dry antistatic silk feel finish (not a shiny wet finish). 250ml.

PER04  Price: £8.90

Permashine Upholstery Cleaner

Designed to remove light staining and dirt from carpets, fabric and upholstery. Ideal for maintaining a clean car interior. 250ml.

PER05  Price: £8.90

Permashine Leather Cleaner

A uniquely blended product that will care for the leather as well as clean it leaving it supple and resistant to surface cracking. A top quality cleaner for all types of leather items including handbags, saddles, harnesses, boots to name but a few. 250ml.

PER06  Price: £9.50

Permashine Glass Cleaner

Specially formulated for the fast and effective removal of grime and film from both the interior and exterior of windows to give a crystal clean, smear free finish. 250ml.

PER07  Price: £8.90

Permashine Screen Protect

Screen Protect helps prevent rain, sleet, snow, mud and bugs sticking to all exterior glass surfaces. Rain is beaded and aerodynamically dispersed maintaining a much clearer screen and reducing the need to constantly use the windscreen wipers. 50ml.

PER08  Price: £5.50

Permashine Screen Wash

Developed from extensive motorsport testing, so for everyday safety-conscious motorists it will easily cope with anything they are likely to encounter. Permashine Screen Wash is a scientifically designed formula for use on automotive glass. It is the only screen wash Carefully designed to prevent rain, sleet and snow sticking to all exterior glass surfaces. Recommended for use with Permashine Screen Protect. 250ml.

PER13  Price: £6.95

Microfibre Cloth

A very soft Microfibre cloth especially for polishing delicate surfaces. Used by professional valeters. Machine washable.

PER10  Price: £1.49
Min order 5

Perfectionist Applicator

Valeter friendly applicators are designed to help distribute the correct amount of product over the surface and allows the perfectionist to go to exact details in the corners.

PER11  Price: £1.15
Min order 5


A duster cloth to use to help maintain the interior of your car

PER12  Price: £0.99
Min order 5

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