Permashine launches it's Dealer Support Division in the South West

2010 saw the launch of Permashine's Dealer Support Division. Having worked with most valeting companies in the UK we have taken the best practices to deliver a truly customer focused service. Our local management team has over 20 years experience in the industry and with over 7 years now of working with major vehicle dealers we are well versed in the latest chemical technology and valeting techniques.

Permashine provides a tailored service to your exacting requirements and can include the full supply of all labour in corporate uniform, consumables, equipment, insurances and local management support. All of our valeting technicians are fully trained and certified by Permashine prior to being placed with a client.

Our Lead Technicians are not only trained in the latest valeting techniques, but also auto detailing which is the difference between a "clean" car and a professionally prepared Permashine valet. This includes touch-ins, flatting and polishing using variable speed orbital mops. This can save a dealership £000's by taking away the necessity for stock to go off site for unknown period of time to a Bodyshop at highly inflated rates.

In addition to supplying a professionally managed service Permashine is in a unique position to offer valuable dealer profit opportunities :-

- Our in house Paint Sealant & Interior Protection System

- Profit from our in house Permashine wash n wax conserver which can be sold through your Parts Dept

- Upselling through the Service Dept on courtesy cleans to mini valets which will increase profits and give your customers a better customer experience.

Permashine is committed to being an integral part of our clients' business and strives to ensure that the valeting is not the necessary evil of the business, but is managed professionally. It can be an overlooked source of profit to the modern day dealership.

It's 2017 so why not move your vehicle preparation into the 21st century and look at what Permashine can do for your business.

So if you are not completely satisfied with your valeting, whether it is the quality, costs, personnel or management support we would love to talk about your business and how Permashine can help you.


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